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Our Clinics

Summary of Clinics

Clinic TypeWhen
Sexual Health If you have symptoms/concerns please make an appointment at our Sexual Health Clinic or if you have no symptoms but wish to be tested , please make an appointment with our practice nurse
Contact Central Sexual Health on 01324 673554  Central Sexual Health
Baby Clinic (Child health development 5 years old and under)You will be sent a letter and required to attend Bridge of Allan Child Health Vaccination clinic.
Minor surgeryThe doctors and/or nurses carry out minor operations on the premises by arrangement. These include coils, implants. Please inquire for more details.
Health visitorBy appointment (0-5/pre-school).
Asthma monitoringBy 20-30 minute appointment with Practice Nurse
DiabeticBy arrangement (double appt with Dr Spearing)
Winter protection and flu vaccinationsYou will be contacted via the post. This is done by the Forth Valley Immunisation Team
Emergency contraceptionTo attend a pharmacy, if they feel you should discuss with a GP you can phone to make an urgent appointment.


We are interested in the health and well being of the carers within the practice as well as those they care for. If this applies to you, please identify yourself to us and make a half hour appointment.

Child Health Development Clinic

Child health surveillance checks are arranged for all children registered with this practice and are performed by the GPs. and our local health visitors. These take place around the age of 8 weeks, please phone to book an appointment.


If you wish to discuss further referral, please make an appointment with your GP – you can book a double consultation for this. Your GP can refer you to a suitable healthcare professional. We have a Mental Health Nurse Davide for longer consultations. Anything talked about in a session is completely confidential unless otherwise agreed with the counsellor.

Emergency Contraception

You can attend any pharmacy for emergency contraception. If they feel you need to speak to a GP, they will let you know, and you can phone us on 01786 463831. If you have concerns and wish to speak to a GP, please phone us to make an urgent appointment.

The practice is pleased to give advice on family planning including the insertion of coils and the contraceptive implant. We operate a computerised recall system for cervical smear tests. Cervical smears should be carried out every 5 years for women aged 25 to 60, unless otherwise stated. You will receive a letter regarding this automatically. Please only phone to book once you have received your letter.


Vaccinations are now done outwith General Practice. If eligible you will be invited for winter vaccinations, flu vaccinations, pneumococcal vaccinations.

Childhood vaccinations, as of October 2019, will be by invitation to Bridge of Allan Medical Practice. Maternity vaccinations will be arranged with your midwife.

For travel vaccinations, please visit the Forth Valley Immunisation Team page. If you are unable to access the travel health assessment above please contact the Immunisation Administration via 0800 130 3120.

Maternity Care

For maternity services please contact the Maple Team Midwife. The Midwife is in charge of their own schedule. Please contact your midwife in order to discuss. To discuss this, or to book/reschedule appointments, please contact 01786 434027. These appointments are now at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, and not the practice (as previously). 

Minor surgery

Minor surgical procedures may be carried out at the surgery, such as insertion of Nexplanon, etc. Please see your own doctor for details.

Mental Health

We also have close links with one local psychiatrist Ashleigh who holds clinics at the medical centre and a Behavioural Therapist Kathleen who run clinics on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the practice. Referrals are made as necessary by your doctor.

We also have an in-house Mental Health Nurse called Davide, if you wish to make an appointment, please phone.


If you feel you require physiotherapy referral you can telephone the National Musculoskeletal Advice & Triage Service (MATS) – Helpline 0800 917 9390 (currently suspended due to COVID), book in with our advanced physiotherapy practitioner Ann by phoning the practice 01786 463831 to make an appointment (see below).

Stop Smoking Service

Medical evidence confirms that stopping smoking is good for your health. If you are a current smoker and would like to stop please contact your local pharmacist or ask for further details from your GP.