Register with us as a New Patient

Patients living within our catchment area can register with us. This includes the University Campus, Bridge of Allan, Causewayhead, Menstrie, and parts of Stirling. Our catchment area includes parts of Stirling town centre but only if you are a student at the University of Stirling. If you would like to register with us but are not sure if you are in our catchment are please contact us.

You can find our registration forms below. Please bring the following with you in order to register: (Please refer to our registration policy at the foot of this page and why we ask for this)

  • Identification (i.e. passport, driver’s license, student card)
  • Proof of current address (i.e. council tax letter, bank statement, copy of lease – note this can be in electronic form. If you are a student you can access this via your accommodation dashboard on the portal).

If you are a patient from overseas (as we will not have access to your medical records) please make an appointment if you have monitored health conditions. If you have been registered in the UK before, please note it may take a while for your records to be transferred.

If you move out of the practice area, you will need to register with a new practice as soon as you move. If you need help finding a new practice, contact the local NHS Health Board.

International Patients

Please note that whilst Primary Care is available under the NHS, there may be further charges for secondary care if you do not have a BRP/Tier-4 Card. 

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to register with your chosen GP, for example you may live too far away. If this is the case simply choose another GP in your local area.

It is is important to note that you can only permanently register with a GP practice if you’re staying in the area for more than 3 months.

Register online

Please complete both Steps 1 & 2 or registration will be declined

Step 1: Complete online registration form

Please note international students are not able to register until they are resident in the UK. Online applications to register will not be accepted if you are not currently living in the UK.

Our online registration form will collect your details, a brief outline of your medical history and record your preferences. This information may be added to your record and will allow us to begin to provide you with medical services.

Alternatively download the form to complete:

Step 2: Upload Forms, and scans of photo identity and proof of address

Please deliver to the practice completed questionnaire, alcohol screening form and copies of two forms of your identity.
One form of identity must contain a photo of yourself and the other must provide evidence of your current address. You may upload your forms online.